Ways of Reshaping Your Memory Foam Pillow


Memory foam pillows are known to contour to your body shape, protecting your head and spine. It appears like a sponge pillow due to the soft cushioning that gives you comfort and makes sleeping a delight. The foam inside provides the pillow with loft and makes it plump. However, over time of continuous use, its sags appear flat and less supportive and most people tend to replace them. In this write-up, we explain ways of reshaping your memory foam pillow.

Ways of Reshaping your Memory Foam Pillow

Reshaping a pillow comes with numerous benefits like regaining support and comfort. It’s a great way to save your pillow, but getting a new one is the best option if it’s still uncomfortable. Here are some quick tips to fix your pillow.

1. Flip the pillow

By flipping, you turn the pillow such that the top side faces downwards. When sleeping, you lie on the pillow as is and leave it in the exact position when you wake up. As a result, you find yourself sleeping on one side every day. That side tends to wear out and becomes less comfortable. Memory foam pillows take the shape of the body, so its contour is always there after waking up. Turn the pillow and let the unused side face up. You will notice that it’s plumper, firmer, and has more support.

2. Take out the pillow for airing

Every absorbent material becomes smaller and tends to lose its shape when wet. Likewise, a memory foam pillow may have absorbed moisture, sweat, or face and hair oils. The build-up of these substances makes the foam sticky and cramped together hence the reduced loft and volume of the pillow. Take the pillow outside in direct sunlight for a couple of hours to dry the excess moisture and remove any foul smells too. Afterward, the pillow will have regained its shape and fuller body.

3. Expose the pillow to cold air

Memory foam pillows adapt to our bodies in many different ways. Not only does it mimic the spine curvature, but it also warms up when next to your body and, in turn, becomes soft. Typically, these pillows are firmer before use, but the body heat and pressure change their form. So to regain its shape, expose it to cold air or place it in a cold room for some time. No need to worry about it being cold while you’re sleeping because its adaptive nature will help to make it warm after applying your body heat.

4. Manipulate the pillow

Manipulation involves shaking and squeezing the pillow to rearrange or spread the foam within the pillow. This applies mostly to shredded memory foam because it tends to clamp in one position after continuous use. The shaking traps in extra air, making the pillow plump.

Final word

Reshaping a pillow is a simple process that anyone can participate in. It helps bring back the shape of the pillow and saves money needed to purchase a new one. Other than reshaping, airing helps refresh the pillow and removes foul smells. Flip your pillow often to avoid overusing one side and instead keep it even.


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